Treatment time: 30-45min.

Price: 1,450.-

IV Hydration therapy will stabilize your electrolytes and essential minerals while rehydrating you from the inside out.


Treatment time: 30-45min.

Price: 1,500.-

Dont waste your day in bed, get back on your feet with our IV Party drip. Restores hydration levels and electrolytes. Helps relieve hangover symptoms including nausea, pain and headaches. 


Treatment time: 30-45min.

Price: 1,750.-

Cleanse your body and replenish electrolytes. Detoxes vital organs, strengthens your skin, hair & nails. Boosts immune system and has anti-aging benefits.


Treatment time: 30-45min.

Price 1850.-

Our Signature drip packed with B and C vitamins, restores hydration levels providing a quick energy boost and strengthens your immune system.


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