IV drips

Jet Setter

For travellers who want to stay hydrated, feel refreshed and looking to beat jet lag. This drip is a great choice either prior to departure or after arrival. Add any of our vitamins or minerals from our add-on menu to spice up your infusion.

Fat Burner

Infused with L-Carnitine to promote fat burning and to accelerate your metabolism. Packed with  Vitamin B’s (B1, B2, B3 & B6) and high dose vitamin C, this drip will boost your energy levels and make you powerful.

Detox Master

Provides higher dose of the master antioxidant; glutathione than its smaller cousin “Detox Mini”  Plus an additional 2.5 G of Vitamin C making the total dose of 7.5 grams. This powerful drip will kick-start the detoxification process in your body and give your immune system a real boost! 

Detox Mini

Boost your immune system and flush out unwanted toxins with this powerful blend of Vitamin C and GSH. Vitamin C  is vital for the production of collagen and healthy skin. Glutathione the master antioxidant helps prevent damage to cells in our bodies by neutralizing free radicals and detoxifying heavy metals. 

The After Party

Don’t waste your day in bed; get back on your feet with our after party drip. Restores hydration levels and electrolytes. Helps relieve hangover symptoms including nausea, pain and headache.  Add a B12 injection for an extra boost!


Those who do not get enough magnesium often suffer from mood disorders, increased stress and anxiety. Muscle cramps, which often leads to lack of sleep. This drip replenishes your magnesium levels, encourages relaxation and sleep by regulating the body’s stress response system giving you a sense of calmness. 


Perfect for those feeling fatigued and overwhelmed, or if you are frequently needing an afternoon nap. Our energy drip will help you get back on track. Perfect first time IV cocktail!  Goes well with a B12 injection. 


Intravenous iron, a fast and e effective way of boosting your iron levels. People who suffer from iron deficiency often experience dizziness, hair loss, restless legs, fatigue and dry skin. This occurs because the body is not able to produce a healthy amount of haemoglobin; which helps carry oxygen around the body. 


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